14. april
Håkon Lervåg
Lucy Bloom

Doors open at 9 PM
DKK 50 cash on door
DJ Sidste Udvej
Cash-only bar

Håkon Lervåg

(Guitar, vocals and other surprises)

Håkon Lervåg is a Norwegian/Danish tunesmith revered and respected by imaginary friends in his apartment, but recently he has been performing for a select few out in the real world.

His dreamy atmospheric songs, a composite of sonically beautiful textures, have a filmic quality about them, as he explores the burdensome nature of relationships and bad lifestyle choices in eerie terms. His terms.

Lucy Bloom is a new experimental collaboration between musicians from the Danish scene and writer and poet Sofie Kragh-Müller.

The band combines raw avantgard-pop with texts that relate to relations and hierarchies in a wide sense:

Aminal // human
Nature // culture
Madness // normality
Woman // man
Krop // tanke.
Evolution // Regression.

Their lineup is:
Saxild: bass guitar
Rønn: vocals and keyboard
Tolbøll: Samples and triggers
Mathiesen: Drums and percussion
Müller: All texts

DJ Son of a Preacher Man will provide the tunes he is known for and will lay his boogies down thick and fast for y’all.

As usual, but none the less we are incredibly grateful to Frederiksberg Kommunes musikudvalg and Statens kunstfond for their continuous support