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Musicians read here |

Musicians read here


If you would like us to book your band, please read about booking criteria and general conditions on this page first; then contact us on info@frederiksbergcountryclub.dk.

Booking criteria

We book experimental and original artist within all genres, including rare and unknown ones. We prefer bands that

  • play original music (own compositions, own sound)
  • do not perform regularly in Copenhagen or surroundings
  • perform in a new constellation or want to launch a new experimental concept (mainly applies to more well-known artists)

Note that we only book two bands a month, so it may take a while before we can fit you into the programme.

If we have booked your band

If we have booked your band, we ask you to read this page and get in touch at info@frederiksbergcountryclub.dk with the following info:

  • names and instruments of band members
  • a short write-up, preferably mentioning a genre
  • links to audio or video of your music, if any
  • links to any Instagram or facebook profiles or a website

We advertize the concerts on facebook, KultuNaut and our webpage.

Talk to (booking@frederiksbergcountryclub.dk) about all technical matters, such as:

  • time of the sound check (typically 5.30 or 6 PM on the same day)
  • the gear that’s available (other than drums, piano, keyboards, PA and amplifiers for guitar and bass)
  • length of your set (normally around 45 minutes)
  • which of the two bands that are booked for the evening goes on stage first


Our sound technicians are

  • Rasmus Rønnike
  • Justin Schöning

Place and time

Our concerts take place on the second Saturday of each month at Smallegade 12 (basement), 2000 Frederiksberg.

Doors open at 8PM; the first band generally goes on stage at 9 or 9.30; the second one no later than 11. The club closes at around 1 AM.

We have a dj before, after and in between performances.

Entrance fee/your fee

We have two means of paying for your performance: a door deal or subsidised fees.

Bands that play on a door deal receive the entire income from the evening’s entrance fees. If two bands play on a door deal on the same night, they  usually split the entrance money 50/50 (but see below on deduction for free guests). The default entrance fee is DKK 50, or 100 at larger events.

The Danish Arts Foundation and the Municipality of Frederiksberg subsidise a number of musician’s fees at our venue. We do not, however, receive enough fees to offer all bands this sort of payment. Note that if we do offer your band a fee deal of this sort, we are obliged to pay each band member a full fee. If we do not have enough fees for all band members, we cannot offer you this sort of deal at all.

Guest list

Each performing musician may bring in a free guest.

On evenings when both bands play on a door deal, the bands decide for themselves how many free guests they want on the guest list, but half an entrance fee will be deducted from the respective band’s payout. This is to ensure that one band doesn’t get to pay for the other band’s guests,

Artists who have performed in the club have free access for the year to come 🙂

Transportation etc.

Our entire income from bar sales goes towards paying our bills, which means that we do not have the means to offer transportation, food or other services. However, each band member gets either six beers or two glasses of wine.


We contribute to KODA, the Danish music rights’ association – remember to report your performance to them if you are a member.

If you belong to a  foreign music rights’ association, then you must send us your play list, which we will then forward to KODA.

The room

Fire regulations allow no more than 150 visitors; in practice, it holds max 100 people.


We prefer that you don’t make a separate facebook event and encourage you to share our facebook event and to help us publicize the event.