8 October 2016
FCC anniversary with
Phantomas Montgomery EGA Legionnaire

Phantomas Montgomery with-EGA legionnaire
Phantomas Montgomery with-EGA legionnaire

FCC invites you to come and celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with us on October 8. Come and join our night of celebration and live music. We will be opening some bottles of bubbles at 20.30 to help celebrate this landmark day. So come early for some free bubbles and other entertainment from 20:00.

Phantomas Montgomery a.k.a. Justin Schoening (DK)

Vintage electronice music project

Minimal electro/Tech house – all music produced with analog sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers, echo & delay machines, Vocoders + 8 bit sampler. All machinery is hooked up via cv-gate and midi. Entirely produced without computer aid and recorded in realtime. All samples taken from previous 3eme Sexe releases

Visit Phantomas Montgomery and 3eme Sexe on facebook and www.3emesexe.info

EGA Legionnaire (DK, NO, US, ITA)

Copenhagen-based EGA Legionnaire make music which travels from garage pop to expiremental punk via improbable stopovers in silly antics, angry political satire, and an occasional bared soul.
Debuting in 2016 they have quickly become known for deploying improvised audience-engagement devices such as popcorn machines, toys, tin cans, and paper planes.
High on volume, low on pretense and not to be missed.
Visit EGA Legionnaire on facebook and

50kr cash only – all door proceeds go directly to the bands…

Tidligere koncerter

Love Your Way
Juliana Venter

Love Your Way

Love Your Way spiller melodisk musik med mange fine detaljer indhyllet i organiske arrangementer, hvor Odimer med sin stemme formår at kombinere det næsten uudholdelige sarte med det rå og hudløse. Dette bliver solidt understøttet af kontrabassist Joachim B. Thönen, og Anders Toft Larsen på trommer.

Genremæssigt bliver det flirtet med alt fra lyrisk folk, eftertænksom pop, punk til jazz og viser.

Annette Odimer(sang, guitar)
Joachim B. Thönen (kontrabas)
Anders Toft Larsen (perkussion)


Juliana Venter

Der gemmer sig et meget sjældent talent i den Berlin-baserede Juliana Venter. Hun har optrådt internationalt med performancekunst og avantgardemusik siden hun i 90’erne debuterede på  undergrundsscenen i Cape Town som klassisk skolet sangerinde med smag for det avantgardistiske  og genresprængende.

Det er anden gang hun besøger FCC med sit  uderfinérbare enmandsshow, der inddrager electronica, Schuberts Lieder og en stor del fri improvisation.


Dørene åbner kl. 20:00
Musik fra ca. 21:00



Jim Neversink

☆ RarSmus (DK) ☆
Rarsmus writes, composes, records and produces music; a sharp wit with a keen eye, he joyfully ruffles feathers with his ongoing battle against neoliberalism…and occasionally (less than joyfully) also writes about failed relationships.
☆ ☆ Jim Neversink (RSA) ☆
His albums have been named “album of the year”, even “of the decade” by SA media who have hailed him as “the closest thing this country has to a modern-day Johnny Cash.”
“No one comes close to Jim Neversink in making observations about the small details of living in South African towns sound so cinematic… Neversink’s off-kilter way of looking at society’s damaged things stands alone” said the Sunday Times Magazine.
Jim Neversink will revisit tunes from his first three albums as well as showcase recent material for his soon-to-be-released new album.
He will be joined onstage by Mette Mathiesen on drums, Professor Leonard Seabrooke on bass and a few surprise guests along the way.


☆ DJ Son of a Preacherman ☆

Entrance: DKK 50. Great beer and wine bar.

14. maj

Rome in Reverse // Dino Joubert

Rome in Reverse (I)

Rome In Reverse is the audio-visual music project of Antonella Pacifico, Elena Montomoli and Ambra Nobile. The foundation of their musical universe is dance-music loops mixed with techno, dub and trip hop, enriched by Antonella’s charismatic voice. Rome In Reverse hides fragments, like the constant beat and upbeat, reverbs and delays. They love digital tools but also include analogue, as the warm notes of Elena’s guitar are wrapped in the digital sounds. The soundscape is accompanied by visual art and minimal projections, as the two elements combined define the mood of the performance.

Dino Joubert (D)

Dino Joubert writes and sings pop songs in the sense of the classics of the 60’s and 70’s. He falls in the line of giants like the Beatles and The Beach Boys – or, due to his hush angelic voice, Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. His lyrics wander through tales of heartbreak, isolation, habit, melancholia, and coping with the overload of modern society.


Dj: Maloucifer

Doors: 20:00
Entrance: 50 kr. (remember cash)

See you at Frederiksberg ♥

Musik fra undergrunden. Anden lørdag i måneden. Smallegade 12, kld. Entré 50 kr.


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