14. maj 2016

Rome in Reverse (I)
Dino Joubert (De)

Rome in Reverse (I)

Rome In Reverse is the audio-visual music project of Antonella Pacifico, Elena Montomoli and Ambra Nobile. The foundation of their musical universe is dance-music loops mixed with techno, dub and trip hop, enriched by Antonella’s charismatic voice. Rome In Reverse hides fragments, like the constant beat and upbeat, reverbs and delays. They love digital tools but also include analogue, as the warm notes of Elena’s guitar are wrapped in the digital sounds. The soundscape is accompanied by visual art and minimal projections, as the two elements combined define the mood of the performance.

Dino Joubert (D)

Dino Joubert writes and sings pop songs in the sense of the classics of the 60’s and 70’s. He falls in the line of giants like the Beatles and The Beach Boys – or, due to his hush angelic voice, Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. His lyrics wander through tales of heartbreak, isolation, habit, melancholia, and coping with the overload of modern society.


Dj: Maloucifer

Doors: 20:00
Entrance: 50 kr. (remember cash)

See you at Frederiksberg ♥