11. juni 2016

RarSmus (DK)
Jim Neversink (RSA)


☆ RarSmus (DK) ☆

Rarsmus writes, composes, records and produces music; a sharp wit with a keen eye, he joyfully ruffles feathers with his ongoing battle against neoliberalism…and occasionally (less than joyfully) also writes about failed relationships.

☆ Jim Neversink (RSA) ☆

His albums have been named “album of the year”, even “of the decade” by SA media who have hailed him as “the closest thing this country has to a modern-day Johnny Cash.”
“No one comes close to Jim Neversink in making observations about the small details of living in South African towns sound so cinematic… Neversink’s off-kilter way of looking at society’s damaged things stands alone” said the Sunday Times Magazine.
Jim Neversink will revisit tunes from his first three albums as well as showcase recent material for his soon-to-be-released new album.
He will be joined onstage by Mette Mathiesen on drums, Professor Leonard Seabrooke on bass and a few surprise guests along the way.


☆ DJ Son of a Preacherman ☆

Entrance: DKK 50. Great beer and wine bar.