8. oktober 2016

FCC anniversary:
Phantomas Montgomery (DK)
EGA Legionnaire (DK)

Phantomas Montgomery with-EGA legionnaire
Phantomas Montgomery with-EGA legionnaire

FCC invites you to come and celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with us on October 8. Come and join our night of celebration and live music. We will be opening some bottles of bubbles at 20.30 to help celebrate this landmark day. So come early for some free bubbles and other entertainment from 20:00.

Phantomas Montgomery a.k.a. Justin Schoening (DK)

Vintage electronice music project

Minimal electro/Tech house – all music produced with analog sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers, echo & delay machines, Vocoders + 8 bit sampler. All machinery is hooked up via cv-gate and midi. Entirely produced without computer aid and recorded in realtime. All samples taken from previous 3eme Sexe releases

Visit Phantomas Montgomery and 3eme Sexe on facebook and www.3emesexe.info

EGA Legionnaire (DK, NO, US, ITA)

Copenhagen-based EGA Legionnaire make music which travels from garage pop to expiremental punk via improbable stopovers in silly antics, angry political satire, and an occasional bared soul.
Debuting in 2016 they have quickly become known for deploying improvised audience-engagement devices such as popcorn machines, toys, tin cans, and paper planes.
High on volume, low on pretense and not to be missed.
Visit EGA Legionnaire on facebook and

50kr cash only – all door proceeds go directly to the bands…