10. december 2016

J. Tex & the Volunteers
Burning Velvet

Entré 50,- (kun kontanter)
Dørene åbnes kl 20:00

J. Tex & the Volunteers

J. Tex and the Volunteers are a traveling trio of artists, sailors, surfers, writers, painters and farmers.
They take their journey to many a city and town – for there they turn musicians – playing their instruments and telling their stories in song.
Normally they go out on stage as a trio, but you will often see the band as a duo or a quartet, too. These nomads enjoy a good whisky, coffee, smoke, conversation and improvising on their instruments while playing mostly homecrafted songs. Cooking up food for thought over the open fire. With their stylistic flexibility, swing, rhythm and rock-steady roots music, they offer the listener a new musical experience.
This is good old-fashioned entertainment but with a twist, a new take on an old thing.

J Tex: vocal, guitar, banjo
Frank Borgaard: vocal, bass
Jacob Vikkelsø: drums
Sigi Sigmundsson: pedal steel

Burning Velvet

Highly rated among peers and critically acclaimed lo-fi Americana straight outta Svendborg.

Burning Velvet feels like dipping your feet into a forest stream while your hands rest on a mossy rock… The most beautiful things in life aren’t complicated… Independentmusic.com

Performing as a trio and hot on the heels of their debut album “Night Light – Slow Grass” released in September 2016, these guys are not to be missed.

Nicolai Wøldike Schmith: lead vocal, guitar
Jeppe Holst: vocals, pedal steel, guitar
Anders Wallin: vocals, bass
Tobias Lange: vocals, drums

We thank Statens Kunstråd and Frederiksberg Kommune for generous support of this event.