8. september
Henry Reyels & The Dubious Root
Rarsmus & The Rarities

Doors open at 8 PM
DKK 50 cash on door
Cash-only bar

★HENRY REYELS & The Dubious Root★

Harmonically elegant well crafted Lo-Fi. An assemblage of exquisitely sombre tunes straddling the minute gauges between beauty & cynicism, humour, love & toxicity of modern suburban existence. Criminally overlooked – please do not miss this.

★RARSMUS & The Rarities★

Love, politics, the human condition and more love are recurring themes from the pen of musical diarist Rarsmus who returns to our club as a welcome and much loved performer of strong songs, strong opinions and strong emotions.

12. maj
Me after You

Doors open at 8 PM
DKK 50 cash on door
DJ Son of a Preacherman
Cash-only bar

Me after You (AUS/IT/DK)

One of our absolute favourites, this immaculately dressed, shoegazy duo has been impressing folks on the CPH scene in a select number of concerts, never ever failing to disappoint.

Me after you are: the amazing Federico Festino beating out his signature tracks on drums and keys and the good Professor Len Seabrooke beguiling and enthralling with his bass, lyrics and stories of life last decade, last week and yesterday.

Performing hits from their first album, ‘Foughts’ produced by Andy Miller and out now with Custom Made Music, as well as some new almost unheard tracks.


Bolognas’ hard touring, hard rocking and hard not to love CUT are returning to Copenhagen to finally grace Frederiskberg Country Club’s  special, personal and intimate basement scene. We have been lucky enough to have known this talented trio for a couple of years now and cant wait for our loyal regulars to experience their brilliance.
Described ass John Lee Hooker in a straight jacket and in the middle of a European tour we bring you CUT.

CUT are rock and roll/blues punk/noise trio. Formed in 1996, CUT have released six studio albums and have tour all over Europe constantly, thus earning a solid reputation as one of the wildest and most intense live bands on the scene.

CUT have been sharing the stage with the likes of: Iggy & The Stooges, Violent Femmes, Heavy Trash, The Jim Jones Revue, The Make Up, Unwound, Royal Trux, International Noise Conspiracy, Eels, Delta ’72, Man Or Astroman, The Hives, Guitar Wolf, Mudhoney and many other Italian and international acts.

Their first album Operation Manitoba (released in 1998) was described as “best Italian rock debut of the year” by Rumore, Italy’s main rock monthly.

The band have 16 UK tours under their belt as well as  repeated tours of Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria and shows in the New York (USA) area.

Their 2010 Annihilation Road album has been recorded and mixed by Matt Verta-Ray of Speedball Baby/Heavy Trash fame in his New York studio, NY HED. The album has been mastered by Ivan Julian, from legendary punk/new wave outfit Richard Hell and The Voidoids
In October 2011, the band released a live album, recorded during CUT’s UK tour of the same year. The record – The Battle of Britain – portraits the band in their favourite milieu: a fiery, intense and wild live show.

CUT have also released a 7” split with Rocket Recording artists Julie’s Haircut, featuring a mash-up of Hot Chocolate’s “Emma” and Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream”: weird but true.

In 2017 CUT released their sixth studio album, Second Skin, featuring contributions from Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Iggy & The Stooges) and Stefano Pilia (Rokia Traoré’s band, In Zaire and Mike Watt’s Il Sogno Del Marinaio) and many others. Since the album’s release in February 2017, the band has been touring non-stop all over Italy, Europe and the UK.

CUT are:
Ferruccio Quercetti – vocals, guitar
Carlo Masu – vocals. guitar
Tony Booza – drums, percussion

Selected Reviews:

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14. april
Håkon Lervåg
Lucy Bloom

Doors open at 9 PM
DKK 50 cash on door
DJ Sidste Udvej
Cash-only bar

Håkon Lervåg

(Guitar, vocals and other surprises)

Håkon Lervåg is a Norwegian/Danish tunesmith revered and respected by imaginary friends in his apartment, but recently he has been performing for a select few out in the real world.

His dreamy atmospheric songs, a composite of sonically beautiful textures, have a filmic quality about them, as he explores the burdensome nature of relationships and bad lifestyle choices in eerie terms. His terms.

Lucy Bloom is a new experimental collaboration between musicians from the Danish scene and writer and poet Sofie Kragh-Müller.

The band combines raw avantgard-pop with texts that relate to relations and hierarchies in a wide sense:

Aminal // human
Nature // culture
Madness // normality
Woman // man
Krop // tanke.
Evolution // Regression.

Their lineup is:
Saxild: bass guitar
Rønn: vocals and keyboard
Tolbøll: Samples and triggers
Mathiesen: Drums and percussion
Müller: All texts

DJ Son of a Preacher Man will provide the tunes he is known for and will lay his boogies down thick and fast for y’all.

As usual, but none the less we are incredibly grateful to Frederiksberg Kommunes musikudvalg and Statens kunstfond for their continuous support


10. marts
Twang & Jodeladies

I anledning af foråret vender vi tilbage til rødderne med amerikansk roots musik og sydtysk(agtig) jodelpop på plakaten – fremført af to bands med hver sin originale tilgang til traditionerne.


Twang spiller amerikansk folkemusik med et twist. Trioen tager dig med på en musikalsk rejse lige fra gamle amerikanske bjergsange, bluegrass og ragtime, til deres egne sange og kompositioner.

Nyt møder gammelt, og TWANG maler et moderne billede af den amerikanske musiktradition. Når Twang er samlet omkring deres to mikrofoner midt på scenen, er man altid sikret en unik oplevelse med humor, melankoli, chancetagning, gode historier og vilde soli for fulde gardiner.

Twang er:
Spencer Gross: Kontrabas, guitar, vokal
Thyge Søndertoft Pedersen: Violin, mandolin, vokal
Peter Banks: Banjo, guitar, kontrabas, vokal


Lige siden debutalbummet Kussefixierte Fräulein (1998) har de seks damer og én mand store Jodeladies med titler som “Hamburgrüg und Wienerschnitzel”, “Katz zurück” og ikke mindst “Nichts mehr Schnick Schnack, jetzt will ich Sex habe” afsøgt de mere kinky, lumre og gakkede afkroge af tyroler- og schlageruniverset. Iført Dirndls, Lederhosen og meget sparsom tysk grammatik.

På aftenen vil kultpersonlighederne Herta, Renate, Heidi, Ute, Sabine og Hansi være repræsenteret af:

Minna Grooss: Sang, keyboard, mundharmonika
Emma Engberg: Bas
Marianne Van Toornburg: Sang, tamburin, kazoo
Merete Dithmer: Guitar
Sisse Selina Larsen: Trommer
Henrik Vesterløkke: Harmonika

Vi takker Statens Kunstfond og Frederiksberg Kommunens Musikudvalg for deres støtte til arrangementet.

10. februar

Juliana Venter & Rolf-Erik Nystrøm
Phantomas Montgomery

10. februar møder rave avantgarde på en højtflyvende aften på Frederiksberg Country club. Kunstnerne kommer fra Frederiksberg, Cape Town og Oslo.

Dørene åbner kl. 20:00
Entré: 50,- kroner (kontant!)
Dj: Assai Lim (Cape Town)

Juliana Venter & Rolf-Erik Nystrøm

Et halv liv er gået med at forsøge at åbne folks ører for det uhørte, uden at de føler, at det er sært … Målet er at have hitpotentiale på mange af sangene, uden at de mister udforskertrangen.


Sådan skriver saxofonvirtuos og komponist Rolf-Erik Nystrøm om sin særprægede karriere. Sammen med den klassisk skolede, men viltert eksperimenterende sangerinde Juliana Venter opfører han 10. februar et værk for os, der udover originalmusik af Venter og Nystrøm indeholder egne versioner af musik af Billie Holiday, Kay Martin, Tarquinia Merula, Arnold Schönberg, Richard Strauss, Leonard Cohen, Karin Rehnquist, traditionel mauretansk musik osv.

Venter og Nystrøms koncerter baserer sig på de to kunstneres sublime beherskelse af deres respektive instrument, stemmen og saxofonen, og deres træning inden for en mængde stilarter. Udtrykket er ejendommeligt og dybt personligt og udfordrer vores måde at lytte på og se verden på.

Det er tredje gang Juliana Venter optræder hos os med sit unikke sangtalent. Mange vil huske hendes sidste optræden, hvor publikum blev hentet ud i sommernatten til et nummer for stemme, percussion og motorcykel.

Vi glæder os til igen at blive udfordret på alle sanser.

Juliana Venter: vokal
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm:  saxofoner

Phantomas Montgomery

This time we are going deep into space – a more rave’ish space

The musical geniuses behind Phantomas Montgomery, have recently rediscovered all of their 80’s & 90’s  electronic music devises to lure you into their distant galaxy of analog-developed madness. The show will incorporate the use of somewhat superseded equipment such as the Roland MC303, Novation, MaM, TR505, and Tama Tech Star, which when brilliantly hooked up for this very very special concert, are sure to be special. It promises to be a concert of outer-worldly proportion where everything will be wildly improvised and on the fly.

So fasten your seat belts and prepare for countdown on this MAX electro rave G-force Live & VISUAL EXPERIENCE.

Phantomas Montgomery is an all-hardware-based electronic music project formed by composer & producer Justin Schoening (3eme Sexe). All music is composed & performed with CV/Gate & midi-triggered Vintage & analog synthesizers, drum machines, organs, Vocoders, samplers, tape echoes, spring reverbs etc. The music is produced entirely without computer aid and always recorded in realtime on the fly.

All samples are taken from previous 3eme Sexe releases.

Vi takker Statens Kunstfond og Frederiksberg Kommunens Musikudvalg for deres støtte til arrangementet.

Musik fra undergrunden. Anden lørdag i måneden. Smallegade 12, kld. Entré 50 kr.